Why is a pod system?
Column:Company News Time:2019-06-03

Why is a pod system?

A pod system is a mini vape which usually comes in two parts, a pod with e-juice and a battery usually in a compact size. Typically, the pod systems can be divided into two categories, the refillable pod systems and the pre-filled pod systems. Some pod systems come with a fire button, but most of them are draw-activated. Pod systems are perfect for smokers who are transitioning into vaping and are mouth-to-lung vapers who enjoy salt nicotine, because they are compact in size and can provide them with a cigarette-like draw.

Why pod vapes are so popular

The pod systems are becoming increasingly popular among vapers because they enjoy a lot of benefits compared with other vape devices. First of all, pod systems are simple and easy to operate. Secondly, they are usually has a compact size, perfect for those who enjoy stealthy vaping. Thirdly, they can provide a tight draw similar to that of tobacco cigarettes, perfect for the smokers who want to quit smoking. Last but not least, pod systems are easy to maintain and consume much less e-juices compared with other vape products, so they can save vapers a great amount of money. If you want to vape in an economic way, the pod system is a solid option.

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